Bike share program in Meadville?

As the public transportation provider for Crawford and Venango counties, CATA understands that mobility needs vary for each person and each community.  Once restricted to larger cities, bike share programs are now becoming more feasible for rural communities to add value and livability in our towns.  CATA is in the early stages of assessing the potential to bring bike sharing to Meadville.  Bike share programs use smart phone technology to locate, rent and return bikes to specific locations within the community network.


Wouldn't it be nice to take your lunch break and hop on a bike for a half hour, or take a bike to reach that restaurant a few blocks away instead of driving?  Maybe you're enjoying a kayak ride on French Creek and you arrive at Bicentennial Park and use a bike share program to access downtown Meadville?

The possibilities are endless, we just need to know if the demand is here in Meadville to bring a program to our community.  Help us assess the feasibility of a bike share program by taking our survey.  Click Here.





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