• Crawford Area Transportation Authority & Venango County Transit – Partners in Transit because every trip matters

The week of September 19th CATA will launch a new scheduling and dispatch software to aid in the growing demand for paratransit service.  “Ecolane” has been developed and deployed at over 25 transit properties in the Commonwealth.  As a joint project with the PennDOT Bureau of Public Transportation, all counties in the Commonwealth are transitioning to the Ecolane software to better manage and operate services.

“Locally, our riders will see more efficient service on the street” says Tim Geibel, CATA General Manager”.  He continues “Venango County Transit has been operating with Ecolane for over a year and has seen great success with the software.  This move by CATA will help us better align our services with  Venango County”.  CATA recently signed a management agreement with Venango County to operate the VenanGO Bus and paratransit services in Venango.

With the transition to Ecolane, CATA will streamline the scheduling of trips, call intake and other administration functions to operate in a more efficient manner.  Geibel stated “Ecolane will bring new technologies in our vehicles, eliminate paper manifests for the drivers and give us real time data, data that we have not been able to track and analyze in the past”.  Riders will also see a new calculation for boarding fares which will now be based on miles and not zones.  Geibel stated “our analysis of our fares have led to a new miles-based fare structure which most paratransit systems in the Commonwealth operate under.  Our fare structure will keep the fares either the same or slightly less for approximately 85% of our riders.  We have been planning for the deployment of Ecolane for over 6 months and believe staff, drivers and riders will all see improvements to our services as we complete the transition and get a few weeks under our belt with Ecolane”.

For a listing of fares and all other information about CATA, visit our website at www.catabus.org