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Every Hour At:
First Bus
Then Every Hour At
Until Last Bus
First Bus
Last Bus
(No 12:00 PM Bus)
Downtown Mall:00 6:30 AM7:00 AM7:00 PM 9:00 AM4:00 PM
CATA Office:02 6:32 AM7:02 AM7:02 PM 9:02 AM4:02 PM
Active Aging:02 6:32 AM7:02 AM7:02 PM 9:02 AM4:02 PM
Holland Towers:03 6:33 AM7:03 AM7:03 PM 9:03 AM4:03 PM
Fairview / Fairmont Apts:06 6:36 AM7:06 AM7:06 PM 9:06 AM4:06 PM
Meadville Medical Center Grove Street:08 6:38 AM7:08 AM7:08 PM 9:08 AM4:08 PM
Forest Green Apts:12 6:42 AM7:12 AM7:12 PM 9:12 AM4:12 PM
Morgan Village Dr:17 6:47 AM7:17 AM7:17 PM 9:17 AM4:17 PM
Alden Physical Therapy:19 6:49 AM7:19 AM7:19 PM 9:19 AM4:19 PM
CHAPS:21 6:51 AM7:21 AM7:21 PM 9:21 AM4:21 PM
Park Ave & Arch St:22 6:52 AM7:22 AM7:22 PM 9:22 AM4:22 PM
Downtown Mall:27 6:57 AM7:27 AM7:27 PM 9:27 AM4:27 PM

Last Call Run

At 9:30 pm, Monday-Friday, the Green Bus will pick up riders at the Downtown Mall and drop them at any scheduled stop on the Red, Blue or Green Routes. Regular fares and transfer rules apply.

CATA Blue Route map

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