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Once again CATA is pleased to provide public transportation to the Crawford County Fair.  Ride the CATA bus from downtown Meadville to the Fairgrounds Gate 1.  Stops in downtown include the Downtown Mall, the CATA office on Pine St, Park Avenue, North Street, Allegheny College and more.  Regular bus fares apply.  So leave the car at home and save your legs for walking around the Fair.  Ride the bus EVERYDAY to the  Crawford County Fair!

The Fair shuttle will operate every day of the fair.

One way trips cost $1.25 per adult, seniors 65+ ride FREE, youth age 6-17 ride for $.75 and up to 3 children under the age of 5 ride for free with a paid adult. All other children must pay $.50.

Fair route schedule and map

 To the FairAMPM              
Downtown Mall11:1512:0012:451:302:153:003:454:305:156:006:457:308:159:009:4510:30
CATA Office11:1712:0212:471:322:173:023:474:325:176:026:477:328:179:029:4710:32
Chestnut St & Park Ave11:2012:0512:501:352:203:053:504:355:206:056:507:358:209:059:5010:35
North St at Burger King11:2212:0712:521:372:223:073:524:375:226:076:527:378:229:079:5210:37
Allegheny College11:2512:1012:551:402:253:103:554:405:256:106:557:408:259:109:5510:40
Jefferson St & Limber Rd11:2712:1212:571:422:273:123:574:425:276:126:577:428:279:129:5710:42
Fairgrounds Gate 111:3512:201:051:502:353:204:054:505:356:207:057:508:359:2010:0510:50
 From the FairAMPM              
Fairgrounds Gate 111:4012:251:101:552:403:254:104:555:406:257:107:558:409:2510:1010:55
Meadville High School11:4512:301:152:002:453:304:155:005:456:307:158:008:459:3010:1511:00
Grove St & Chestnut St11:4812:331:182:032:483:334:185:035:486:337:188:038:489:3310:1811:03
Downtown Mall11:5312:381:232:082:533:384:235:085:536:387:238:088:539:3810:2311:08

Map of the Fair route

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