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Printable version of Titusville route map and schedule

Hour At:
First Bus    Last Bus
Drake Mall:30 7:30 AM4:30 PM
Billie Brown Building:32 7:32 AM4:32 PM
Titusville Middle School:33 7:33 AM4:33 PM
Central Towers:35 7:35 AM4:35 PM
Benson Memorial Library:37 7:37 AM4:37 PM
Brook St & N Franklin St:38 7:38 AM4:38 PM
Rockwood Dr at Briarwood Apts:42 7:42 AM4:42 PM
Rockwood Dr at Titusville Apts:44 7:44 AM4:44 PM
N Drake St & Brook St:48 7:48 AM4:48 PM
Titusville High School:49 7:49 AM4:49 PM
Univ of Pittsburgh / E Spruce St:50 7:50 AM4:50 PM
E Spruce St Apts:52 7:52 AM4:52 PM
Burgess Park / Senior Center:55 7:55 AM4:55 PM
Central Towers:58 7:58 AM4:58 PM
Drake Mall:59 7:59 AM4:59 PM

Map of Titusville Blue route

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