CATA provides mobility for all! Our services help eliminate Rural isolation, improve quality of life and help thousands of people stay connected to the everyday world!


The Crawford Area Transportation Authority has been a prominent fixture in Crawford County since 1979. Incorporated as a municipal transit authority, CATA offers a variety of services to ALL of Crawford and Venango Counties. Our services include fixed route bus service in the city of Meadville, Titusville, Saegertown, Franklin, Oil City and Seneca and door to door transportation throughout the two counties. So whether you live in Meadville and use CATA to get to work or you live in Polk and use CATA to attend activities at the senior center in Cranberry, CATA is for EVERYONE!


CATA benefits stretch throughout all of Crawford and Venango Counties. Even if you do not use our services, chances are a family member, a neighbor or someone you know does. Whether that person is one of the hundreds who rely on CATA for transportation to work, an elderly family member or neighbor who needs transportation to a doctor’s appointment, somebody riding CATA to shop at a local downtown business or a student from Allegheny College riding the bus to catch a movie, CATA is a positive influence in the community.
CATA is comprised by a fleet of over 50 vehicles. CATA uses 3 primary vehicle types in our operation. Our fleet is comprised of Heavy Duty Low Floor Mass Transit buses, accessible mini-vans and body on chassis small buses. Mini-vans are a great way to provide door-to-door transportation at a more efficient cost all while not sacrificing service or ADA accessibility. All vehicles are fully ADA compliant.


CATA supports local area businesses. CATA is committed to working locally with our neighbors. Each year CATA spends in excess of $1,500,000 purchasing products and services from over 50 Pennsylvania businesses.


CATA provides fixed route service at a lower cost per passenger than any other rural transit authority in Pennsylvania. Each year the PA Department of Transportation Bureau of Public Transportation releases statistics on all public transportation providers in the Commonwealth. CATA is proud to maintain the lowest operating expense per passenger among all rural fixed route providers. Click HERE to view the PennDOT Statistical reports.


2019 is shaping up to be a great year for CATA with new facilities and CNG vehicles! Ridership across the system topped 380,000 passenger trips during our last fiscal year. We have build strong partnerships with our neighboring counties to coordinate service and realize cost savings.  We have introduced Compressed Natural Gas vehicles into our Meadville fixed route fleet, opened a new Storage/Wash/Maintenance facility in Meadville, introduced new Lifeline fixed route connecting Conneaut Lake to Meadville and also Titusville to Meadville and adopted a Strategic Plan focusing on the Core Principals of Integrity and Respect.


In Rural Pennsylvania EVERY trip matters and at CATA and Venango County Transit, we are Partners in Transit serving our communities together.


Thank you for your support and interest in CATA!

Tim Geibel, General Manager






CATA is proud to provide public transportation services for the communities within Crawford and Venango counties.  CATA operates fixed route and door-to-door shared ride services with a fleet of over 50 ADA accessible vehicles providing over 1,000 passenger trips every day.  Our dedicated team is committed to public service and operate under the Core Principals of Integrity and Respect.