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Fixed Route Program

Adult 18-64
Crawford County $1.25
 Venango County $1.50
Lifeline Routes $2.00
Youth 6-17  
Crawford County $0.75
 Venango County  $0.75
 Lifeline Routes  1.00
Age 0-5 FREE
Seniors 65 & Older FREE

*ADA Approved riders - $.75 per trip, $1.00 per trip on Lifeline routes


Shared Ride Program

The Shared Ride program is open to the General public with fares subsidized for seniors age 65+ and Persons with Disabilities (PwD) through the PA Lottery program.  Seniors and PwD riders pay 15% of the general public fare. All general public fares are based on distance of travel and range from $13.30 - $50.00.  CATA maintains many grants and relationships with community agencies to cover the cost or subside the general public fare.  We encourage you to contact CATA to learn more about discounted programs including the Senior 65+ program, PwD program, ADA Paratransit program and more.